58. USS Kawishiwi (AO-146) Gulf of Tonkin Ops, 1973 (Video 27 min)


  1. Capt Nicholson,
    I doubt you remember me. I am Gordon T Shuckrow. RMSN at the time. For the most part, I stayed out of trouble. But I remember you. You were, and I imagine still are, bigger than life. You made us reach down and work hard. Thanks for everything. Been keeping up with you through Jingles. Proud to have served under you. Again, thanks for making us proud.
    Gordon T Shuckrow Jr.

  2. Author

    Ahoy Captain!
    I served as a QMC during your tour on Kawishiwi.
    Was commissioned a CWO2 by Captain Jack Finley on my second tour on Special K. In 1979,
    I was Bos’n on Ashtabula, First Lt on Niagara Falls, Port Operations Officer NAS Pensacola, First LT USS Yosemite and OIC US Naval Brig and CCU, NAS Pensacola,retiringwith 30 years active duty as an LCDR. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii having retired as a newspaper editor, tv/radio talk show host and Santa Rosa County PIO.
    After coffee farming for many years. I am fully retired.
    Hope you are well… it was an honor to serve with you Skipper.
    Aloha nui Loa
    Don Chinery LCDR ((LDO) USN (ret)

  3. Author

    Hello Captain Nicholson,
    It was an honor to serve under your command. I remember the 73-74 westpac cruise with a lot of fond memories. Spent a lot of time on the helm during long hours of unreps and sea and anchor details. I think I was on the helm for over 4 hours when we first went through Singapore. The chief actually went to the mess deck and brought me eggs and pancakes. I ate them right there as I steered the ship! Also remember the trips to the South Pacific and American Samoa. Became a Shellback on that trip. Hope all is well with you Captain. Have great memories.

    QM2 Daryll Tush

  4. It’s the best experience I’ve ever had being a crew member of The Kawishiwi deck division during 1965-1967 under the supervision of First Class TM Cobb only regret I have is not on that ship longer Gary “ Walt “ Walters BMSN

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