The Bond That Lasts For Life

‘Jingles’ Richardson, HT2, R Div., USS Kawishiwi (AO-146) 1973-74

Larry Van Natta, AE2, Quality Assurance, VA-56, 1968-69

Everett Alvarez, LT & Ron Boch, LT, VA-144, 1963-64

Ron Jones, AMS2, V6 LOX Crew Lead, USS Hancock (CVA-19), 1966-67

Kerry Truax, OS2, OI Div., USS Ranger (CV-61), 1974-76

L: Gary Kerans, USS Ranger (CV-61) 1975-76 R: Al Gorthy, VA-122 1970-71


  1. Skipper,
    What a great experience for a 20 year old to sail with you WestPac ’76. The stories you tell are the same as I remember. How about dead in the water when we left Manila, and went GQ with massive smoke out the stacks. GQ tied to the pier in Subic, fire in the engine room. First typhoon tied to the pier with tugs pulling us away from the pier. Second one at sea, and on my flight deck watch, the yellow shirts tied 3 of us on a rope to check the chains on our aircraft. The pilot that hit the ramp was Lt Jones my DIV officer. Never forget that night. We had a F4 come in one evening, sun was setting, and parked just below the bridge. Pilot had fuel dump swith still on and fuel was leaking out the dump chute. I put power on the aircraft quickly, and turned the switch off to stop the fuel. You were watching from the bridge, and sent someone to the flight deck to tell me great job from the Captain. That was a big deal for a young sailor. Just wanted to say Thank You for your service to our country. What an Honor to serve under you.
    Randy Bass AMS 2

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