Major General G.W. “Nordie” Norwood, USAF (Ret) – USN Connection


  1. Just want to say I too served onboard USS RANGER CV-61 , VF-154 on the Bicentennial Cruise. I was assigned to the line division. We were at Cubi Point, Philippines. I was a plane captain assigned to launch Capt. Nordie Norwood. We were underneath an F4 Phantom, getting ready to launch. A jet engine made a noise similar to a gatling gun going off. Immediately, and without hesitation, Capt Norwood immediately flattened out on the deck. I think I made a comment that had it actually been a gun going off, I would’ve been dead meat. Later on I read your bio, and read of your service in Vietnam, and then I had a better idea of why you pilots are so quick to get in the prone position after the sound of a gun going off. I wonder if you remember me AD3 Lloyd Mix. I was in awe of your military career history, really awesome.

    AD1 Lloyd R. Mix USNR-RET.

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