A very humbling honor when I was inducted into the elite Naval Aviation Association called the “Golden Eagles.”

The Early and Pioneer Naval Aviators Association, better known as “The Golden Eagles,” founded in 1956, functions as a living memorial to those early Naval Aviators who pioneered and provided the leadership for the development of this unique military aviation force. Originally, the membership was limited to 100, whose designations as a Naval Aviator were for the most part within the first 1,900 who qualified for their wings. Over the years the membership limitation has been expanded to 200 regular members due to the growth of Naval Aviation. Due to the advancing age of the early pioneers, membership qualifications were broadened, but qualifications remain highly restrictive. In order to perpetuate the spirit of the earlier members, selection for membership will be made from those who were or are pioneers in some new aspect of Naval Aviation or who were respected by their peers as leaders because of their outstanding skills as a pilot, their wide experience, good judgment, personal character, and dedication to flying.”

Commodore Lacouture nominated me to the Golden Eagles. An honor to serve with this Naval Hero in 1970.