11. Sanger Citizen – 1985


  1. “You cannot imagine how proud we are of these young people,” said Sanger High Principal Ralph Vandro, 35. “The community is extremely excited about this.

  2. Author

    The above comment was made in regard to the eight students with appointments to the Naval Academy in 1985.

  3. Capt. Nick changed the direction of my life. He deserved 100 of these awards. I joined the USAF and then after 6 years became a firefighter paramedic. I was headed into a bad direction before joining NJROTC in Sanger. His current affairs/ debate class was enough to change my views on what was going on in the world. I now spend more time reading history and learning more about those naval battles he taught me so much about in his class. Thank you Capt Nick, my teenage boys are now a reflection of what you made of me.

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