6. Commander John Michael McGrath, USN

Commander John Michael McGrath, USN

While teaching at Sanger Unified School District in California for eighteen years, we made every attempt to expose the younger generation to people that epitomized patriotism, loyalty, courage and perseverance.  Commander ‘Mike’ McGrath embodied all of these noble traits.  These short excerpts are part of a thirty minute phone conversation with my class in 1982.

Listen to Commander McGrath’s story:




  1. I would like to know if he was in squadron 195 in 1977 to 1980? Thank you and I will order his book !!

    Thanks for replying back I arrived onboard VA 195 on Feb 77 I believe he was the division officer of the shop I remember him well I was a AMSAN ripe out of A school and Framp!! Thank you for your service sir and God Bless you!!

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