Transition from the bridge to the classroom

Being Welcomed Aboard at Sanger High School while on terminal leave from the Navy 1976, accompanied by my assistant, Master Chief Bud Wills.


  1. I have always wondered what you did after leaving the Navy. While the Navy could have really benefited from a leader like you in the flag ranks, you had more than paid your service dues in your amazing career.
    I asked you at our end of cruise party at the Pearl Harbor O’Club what your post retirement plans were. You gave me a smile and mentioned that there was a peanut farmer in the White House so maybe there was room for a farmer from California in the future.
    It looks like your involvement with Sanger High was more rewarding.

  2. Captain, Sir. I look back at how lucky I was to have you as an instructor. Although my Naval duty was 1 tour. I continued my aviation career as a mechanic. VP-31 Saff Moffett Field. To the airline mechanic I am today. Yes, flake lake, is a true good patriot and all around good guy! Thank you…. and also. The pencil was a wake up call for me. Yes. I thank you loads.

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