Bicentennial in Singapore 1976


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    This day always brings back memories of Singapore and the bicentennial cruise. So glad to have been part of RANGER crew for that. Blessings and good health from Gunner Z and family in Wisconsin. God bless America.

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    I remember being in Singapore on our Nation’s Bi-centennial. My friend and I rented a room at the Singapore Hilton for the entire stay. I know I mentioned this before but what I remember most was when we were on the liberty launch heading back to Ranger, seeing all the international freighters and shipping in harbor and there was Ranger, flying the Stars and Stripes, and thinking to myself what a beautiful ship and how proud I was to be an American. I will never forget that feeling.

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  3. As an Engineer we rarely get on the Flight Deck at sea but I was fortunate to be called to the flight deck and inserted in the 7 in the 1976. That was a special visit being our countries 200th Birthday and afterwards crossing the equator becoming Shellbacks on 7/7/76. What an honor and experience. It has been 40 years now and it still feels like yesterday.

  4. I remember this like it was yesterday. I was inserted in the “seven” in the “1976.” I remember crossing the Equator on 7/7/1976. Captain Nick was the best. One of the best Liberty ports I ever went to was Singapore. Then we spent 40 days at sea off the coast of Uganda and Kenya. Thank you for staying in contact with me on Facebook. I surely wish Anthony Fanning was still with us brother. God bless you and your family “Press On Top Gun-Bar None”

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