44. Task Group 77.7 1976

USS Ranger (CV-61) sails with Task Group 77.7 across the Pacific.



  1. Nice video, I served on the USS Preble DDG46 during this deployment.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Author

    I’ve wanted to tell you over these years just how much you meant to me and the sailors that I worked with! You actually ruined me for other Captains because they never kept us informed the way that you did!

    Press On! Is a motto that is emblazoned on the heart of many sailors because of you Sir!

    You were my first ship’s Captain, and I will always be forever grateful to the universe for putting me under your command!

    I clearly remember you coming over the 1MC to tell us of Commander Ogle having to ditch and being picked up by ship’s rescue.

    I was proud to serve under your command Sir, and always will be.

    I wish I could have been at the 55th anniversary at Lemoore a few years ago, but work was in the way. I hope that I will meet you again in the near future. Press On!

    Charles Overby

    Ft. Collins, CO

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