In Harms Way – North Pacific, 1974

Shortly after clearing Tokyo Bay at sunset in January 1974 enroute to our home port of Pearl Harbor, we received orders to proceed at best speed to a point off the Aleutian Islands.  As we headed North the weather turned bad requiring us to ballast accordingly.  Thirty plus waves pounded the ship all night and we were extremely fortunate to survive with minimal damage and no casualties.

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Ens. J. R. Campbell’s comments:n.kaw



A well deserved award for an outstanding Petty Officer.  All hands aboard USS Kawishiwi owed Petty Officer Robert Richardson a deep sense of gratitude for his heroics the night we encountered typhoon weather off Japan.




    1. Most definitely one of the more significant and enjoyable few days aboard AO-146 was our passage north! If memory serves me well, I was able to take a few extra lookout shifts (particularly the mid) for some good cash. How do you explain that a football field sized vessel bounces like a cork in such weather?

      On my ship’s orientation, I also had a chance to see PO Richardson hauling a 100lb oxygen, and 100lb acetylene bottle on each shoulder the length of the main deck. Another of those amazing things I try to explain, but can’t quite do it justice. An amazingly focused shipmate that I could only watch and admire!

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    We all owe you a great deal of gratitude, Jingles.

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