USS Kawishiwi (AO-146) 1973-74


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    I don’t know if you remember me or not but i served under you on the Kawishiwi. I have recently reconnected with some of my old shipmates and even visited a few while on the mainland (i still live in Hawaii where i earned a BA in journalism and have worked as a broadcast journalist and freelance writer). I would love to hear from you. I hope you are well.

    Jim Gardner

  2. Dear sir I served under your command 1973 1976. We served off the Vietnam Coast. I remember the time we got a little too close to the Hancock. I was a machinist mate. The time that I served will never be forgotten. God bless you,God bless by Shipmates and God bless America.

  3. Hey John – I served on the Kawishiwi and was on the outrigger team in 73-74, starting out in “A” division on the deck, and then moving into Sick Bay as a striker. Did 22 years in the Navy and another 20 as a contractor, and am now an author and business guy in PA and Florida.

    Had mentioned CAPT John in one of my books for his leadership skills, and am adding him again (short blurb) in my next book, and did a quick search, where I came across this fantastic page of yours. THANKS!!! Though I don’t have any reason at this point to add pics in my book, would I be allowed to use any of these if the op came up? Maybe share a little of your story?

  4. I served on the Kawishii from 74 to 77 did few westpacs and went through shellback initation I am looking for john Campbell and anyone who served during this timeframe

  5. To Captain John L. Nicholson,
    It was a proud and memorable time while serving with you on Kawishiwi ( 1971-1975 period). “Pressing on” was the order of the day and we did our best to fulfill our obligations. Your leadership was inspirational and very proud to serve with your distinction. Thank you.
    Dave Kanitz HTC(sw) ret.

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    Hello Captain! One of my favorite memories of you aboard the Kawishiwi was this… A couple of us sailors heard that if you knocked the valve off a five foot tall oxygen bottle, it would fly like a rocket. So… we went into the ships woodshop, made three fins and a rudimentary nosecone and attached them to a full oxygen bottle. We then propped the bottle up at the port side rail. As we were preparing to use a sledge hammer to knock off the valve, you happened to see us. After we explained what we were up to, you put an immediate end to our experiment and ‘accused’ us of “trying to sink your ship”! We dismantled our rocket and the matter ended there! It was an honor to serve under you! Tom Miller Commissaryman and a Corpsman Kawishiwi Jan 72 – Aug 75

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