Admiral Carmody, USN – Crossing Paths

“What an honor to cross paths with this Naval Aviation Hero. We first served together in 1957 at Fleet Aviation Gunnery School (FAGU) in El Centro, California, and the last time our paths crossed was in Hangar Bay One aboard USS Ranger (CV-61), 1976, in Pearl Harbor at Admiral Gayler, USN, Commander in Chief Pacific, retirement ceremony.”


Commander Carmody, back row (3 in from left), El Centro, California 1957. LT Nicholson, front row (3 in from left)


Admiral Carmody at Change of Command ceremony aboard USS Ranger (CV-61) in Alameda, California, 1974, when I assumed Command of the ship.


Aboard USS Ranger (CV-61) in Pearl Harbor, 1976 where Admiral Carmody was Honored as the Oldest Naval Aviator on Active Duty.


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