Crossed paths several times during my Naval career with these heroes.  First met Admiral James Stockdale aboard USS Constellation (CVA-64) in 1964, when as Skipper of VF-51, he brought a detachment of his squadron aboard from the USS Ticonderoga (CVA-14).  He shared our VA-144 ready room.  We also covered the destroyers, Maddox and Turner Joy, the night of  ‘The Gulf of Tonkin Incident,’ August 4th, 1964.

I last visited with Admiral James Stockdale at the ‘Golden Eagle’ reunion in Monterey 1995.  We discussed what we experienced at ‘The Gulf of Tonkin Incident’ and the Admiral’s recollections of Everett Alvarez as a POW in Hanoi.

Captain Wynn Foster and I first met in Corpus Christi, 1955.  He was an instructor Pilot in T-28’s and I was a student in advanced flight training. (see ‘Sea Stories’ – ‘Texas T-28 Roundup.’)

I last saw Captain Wynn Foster in 1971, when as Commanding Officer of VA-122, I had the honor of decommissioning his old squadron VA-163.