Heavy Losses for Naval Aviation during Vietnam

Loading aboard USS Ranger (CVA-61) at NAS Alameda, August 1964

“Sadly, as it turns out, the VA-94 A4 in the image (BuNo.148515) was lost (both Pilot & A/C) on March 21, 1966, over Gulf of Tonkin (75 mi. E of Moi Ron), when it collided with VA-94 A4 (BuNo. 148499) (both Pilot & A/C lost), while deployed on USS ENTERPRISE (CVN-65).

VA-94 was deployed with us on USS HANCOCK (CVA-19) (CVW-5) January – July ’67.

When I discovered the history behind BuNo 148515 & 148499, it brought many thoughts to mind. First and foremost, was a feeling of deep respect for the two pilots and their families. Those of you who risked your lives daily, year after year, flying those dangerous missions, are a “Band of Brothers”, far, far apart from those of us who merely worked around danger on the flight-deck, and elsewhere aboard ships, in support roles.”

Ron Jones, AMS2


  1. Ron, no carrier pilot ever took for granted the loyalty and dedication of those who faced danger aboard ship allowing us to complete our missions.

    Pressing On, Captain. Nick.

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