4. VA-56, 1967-69



  1. Author

    Thank you for getting back to me. I still fondly remember my 1st weapons det in Yuma while you and your steely eyed combat warriors were transitioning VA-56 to A-7s. Remembered how mad you were when you found out a bunch of Nuggets were out bombing the warriors. Your leadership still influences me. The A-7 Corsair II Association website is: http://www.corsair2.us

    Bill Thomas

  2. I served in VA-56 when the squadron was transitioning to A-7s. I was an AZ2 and was assigned to Maintenance Control. I completed my enlistment prior to the squadron deployment to the Tonkin Gulf. My enlistment would have been in March 1970 but I was discharged early due to a directive that required that anyone whose time was up during a deployment should be discharged prior to the deployment. Consequently I was discharged in October 1969. My wife and I were invited to attend a formal dinner with you and your lovely wife, so I was able to get to know you in a “non-service” situation. I had enormous respect for you, as did all other sailors under your command. Your great sense of humor and leadership lead us to believe there was no finer squadron in the Navy. When our squadron won the top three awards at the Bombing Derby at Fallon our pride was beyond measure. As I remember you lead the way as Top Bomber in that competition. I appreciate this opportunity to send you my appreciation to have had the opportunity to serve with you. I hope you are doing well.

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