Lt. Ron Boch Mig engagement 1965

Ron Boch, Everett Alvarez, Nick Nicholson heading to Gulf of Tonkin Incident, night of August 4th, 1964


Sitting in the Ready Room with Ltjg John McCormick, 1964. John was later killed on 12/1/65.

“Yes my MiG engagement is in the book, ‘MiG Killers of Yankee Station’, page 35 to be exact. I gave the author, Michael O’Connor a detailed account. The EA-3 recorded the radio transmissions and it was well over five minutes from Ed’s call, “Warpaint Three, MiG at our nine o’clock low”as I was rolling in until my call to Ed, “Warpaint Four I’m climbing to forty thousand” which meant I finally was feet wet. Well over five minutes of a fur ball, close in, air to air engagement is almost unheard of but the EA-3 had it down in real time. I realize many of the details were only of interest to me so I don’t fault him for doing a lot of editing. I should be grateful that he omitted my squeaky radio call of, “God damnit, I need some help down here” After I was feet wet, I hear the excited call of, “This is Superheat, where are the MiGs”? That was the F-8 BARCAP from the Oriskany who had been on a different frequency than us strike birds. Some really choice thoughts did come to my mind but fortunately I kept my mouth shut. I was kind of curious what genius planned the communications for the strike which had the MiG cover airborne but on a different frequency.  But it does really irk me that the author changed some of the facts. There is a picture in there, in black and white, of the 23MM hole in the vertical stabilizer of Ed’s bird where ‘Blue” got one hit. My airplane was downed for repairs. Lots of rolling six g plus turns was a definite airframe overstress. The leading edge slats on both wings had many of the rivets apparently sucked inside the slats as there were just holes in the skin where the rivets had been. And when I pushed up on the slats, I could hear them rattling around inside. The rivet holes were soon repaired but the airplane didn’t last much longer as it was the same one John McCormick was killed in a few days later. You’ll enjoy the book as of course it’s mostly on the fighter guys but I knew a lot of them so you’ll recognize a lot of them too. And their stories are even more interesting as they did get MiG kills. T.R. Schwartz got the first A-4 MiG kill with VT fuzed Zunis of all things. He wound up as another instructor with me in VA-125 so I got to hear that great story first hand.”

Ron Boch

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