USS Essex (CVA-9) 1958


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      Blair, need to know more about your “memory lane,” Nick.

  1. Thank you for this web page. I was in G3 Div on this cruise. We pulled out on Feb 2 and I turned 19 on Feb 3

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    After all these years, thanks for checking in, Berlyn. Good memories. Nick

  3. Very interesting to see these old pictures. I was on the helicopter crew.

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    SCPO Calhoun, I owe you, and your Detachment from HU-2, an everlasting debt of gratitude for rescuing me on 7/10/58 after ejecting over the Adriatic Sea. Thanks for checking in after all these years. Captain J L Nicholson, USN (ret)

  5. My dad was James B. McAnallen.. I was 1 1/2 when he was killed on the Essex.

  6. Mary Lou, first my condolences on the loss of your father so early in your life. I relate with your story being a father of four daughters. At the time of our deployment in 1958, I left behind one daughter four years old and twins 2 1/2 years old.

    Only those of us that serve in the military fully realize the tremendous burden families endure back home. Your few words posted on our website have opened many eyes to this fact.

    If you feel comfortable in sharing your story with the world, I would be honored to create a page dedicated to you alone. It is vital that all are aware of the sacrifices made by the military family.

    Please stay in touch, and if I can support you in anyway let me know.

    I salute you, Mary Lou, Capt Nick.

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