How well you did carrier qualifying, determined the track you would take in advanced training.  Fortunately, I qualified for carrier aviation and jets.

Gerald Ford…

“Along with hundreds of thousands in his generation, Ford enlisted for service, joining the U.S. Naval Reserve. Assigned to the light aircraft carrier USSMonterey (CVL 26) in 1943, he went to the South Pacific theater of war, where he took part in the battles for Truk, Saipan, Guam, Formosa, Marianas, and the Philippines. Ford was almost swept overboard during a storm which also resulted in a fire that led to the ship begin taken out of service. Having reached the rank of Lieutenant Commander, Ford was honorably released from active duty in 1946.”

PR release after qualifying on the USS Monterey, 1954.


USS Monterey (CVL-26) Pensacola, Fla 1954


USS Monterey, (CVL-26) in WWII


Carrier Qualifying Practice, NAAS Barin Field, Foley, Alabama 1954