Philosophy to Live By


  1. Captain Nicholson, You were the best skipper I ever ran into ever in my career….Press On Sir!!!….William Hanna AO2…back in the day.

  2. Author

    Dear Captain Nick,

    Mission Accomplished! What an awesome web
    page. Except for some sound problems, that will
    be corrected shortly, all is up and running. Thank you.
    I would be derelict in my duty if I didn’t tell you this.
    You are a humble and gracious man who had an
    extraordinary naval career. And because of that
    humility, it was very hard for you to share that career
    with the world.
    But it is just your kind of life that our young people of
    today need to see. An example to follow. That’s why
    your life story is so important to tell. Because of your
    beliefs and work ethic in life, thousands of former sailors
    have taken your lead into the work place and made
    it a better place!  
    So, Well done good and faithful servant!
    Let’s stay in touch, our best to Evelyn.
    Joanne McGinnis

  3. Author

    Wow – I am so honored! Love your site, and appreciate being a part of your history! Scripture says the “last shall be first, and the first shall be last”, and I think it’s just for such reasons as this. I am honored to have the ability to reflect what you’ve done in so many lives, and pray that I can continue to carry the torch you lit for me those 40 plus years ago.

    Hooya, Dan Wilson!

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